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Advanced Revelation™ (“ARev”) Database Management Software


If you have an application developed in “AREV”, you know how important it is to understand the intricacies of this powerful software development tool, and how to investigate your custom application for enhancements and troubleshooting or to port the application to another database platform.

We Can Help! Mi-Tech has worked with the Revelation product line (both Revelation and Advanced Revelation) since it was first introduced in the early 1980’s. We developed and introduced some of the first training programs for both the non-programmer and the skilled programmer. We’ve designed and developed AREV applications for a wide range of businesses.

Perhaps you’ve “inherited” an AREV application that’s been a mission critical application in your company for the past several years and you need a better understanding of how it all works. Once you understand AREV, it seems really logical, but initially, it can appear pretty baffling.

We can offer a variety of solutions to helping you manage your AREV application -- whether it involves ongoing training and support or assisting you in making a transition from AREV to other applications. Sometimes it may be best to engage in custom training aimed specifically at your application; in other cases, it’s best to simply utilize our consulting services to help you enhance, adjust, or convert your application. We’ll help you determine what services are best for your company, including:

  • Application programming, development, support, and troubleshooting services
  • Classes at our facilities
  • On-site training
  • Customized training classes
  • One-on-one or small group tutorials focusing on supporting your application

Call us to talk to an Advanced Revelation specialist and we’ll help you work out a training and support program that is just right!

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