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Need help controlling spam and viruses coming in through your Exchange, Unix, or GroupWise email? Read on....

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Is SPAM costing your company plenty of money?  Do your users and IT staff spend way too much time wading through junk email to find the messages they really wanted? Worst yet, are these unwanted spam messages trooping in harmful and costly VIRUSES.

Viruses and annoying or offensive messages aren’t the only problem. Many email messages include troublesome attachments. Your employees may be receiving huge attachments that are clogging your mail server storage system, slowing performance, and making backups much longer than necessary.

Even more serious are the attachments that are disguised to look like “good” files, but are really scripts written to wreck havoc on an unsuspecting user’s computer.  The ability to block attachments that exceed a size threshold and to “fingerprint” attachments that are disguised is an essential component of proactive email management. 

We have solutions for you! Mi-Tech offers integrated anti-spam and anti-virus solutions that will stop spam and email-borne viruses before they circulate through your main system. If you’ve already standardized on an anti-virus product, ask how you can integrate it inito the anti-spam component.   If you’re running GroupWise or Microsoft Exchange, let us show you how you can better manage the problems of email. Most products have free no-obligation trial versions available for your evaluation.  Give us a call at 630-932-4585 for details!

Are you using Novell’s GroupWise?

The GWAVA, WASP, GWAVIX and Guinevere products were designed specifically to integrate with GroupWise and WebAccess. For details or for a free demo, give us a call.  For information on integrating Sophos anti-virus with your GroupWise system, see our Anti-Virus page, or click here for a free download of Sophos evaluations.

Are you using other Email Products?

The Sophos solutions work with Lotus Notes, Microsoft Exchange, and others, and can be integrated with anti-virus protection as well.  To download a free trial of Sophos products, click here.

Some of our solutions include:

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