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Stop Viruses -- at the server, at the desktop, and as email arrives or leaves your enterprise!

What company or individual doesn’t need an anti-virus solution? Quite simply, there are no exceptions!  Everyone who uses a computer must have an anti-virus solution.

At Mi-Tech, we can help you deploy your anti-virus solution that will help intercept viruses at every point of access to your company’s computers.

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Today, there are several excellent anti-virus products on the market. Each is capable of detecting a huge number of viruses, and each developer keeps the product up to date on the never-ending deluge of new viruses.

So, how do you choose? At Mi-Tech, we think service and features are key criteria for making your selection.  That’s why we’ve chosen the Sophos Anti-Virus product.

Sophos has over 25 million users worldwide. The company offers 24/7 support at no additional charge to its currently subscribed customers. In fact, it was the stellar support Sophos provides that led Mi-Tech to select Sophos as our anti-virus product of choice. Because Sophos does not sell to the consumer market, their tech support staff can handle business calls much more quickly and efficiently than any of the other organizations, especially when a major virus outbreak has been heavily publicized to the consumer market.

But, although Sophos does not sell to the end-user, your employees are protectable. The Sophos anti-virus product allows an equal number of licenses from the business to be also installed on individual employees’ home computers.  Protecting your network by incorporating home use protection is vital! Many viruses are brought in from home computers.

You can configure your corporate system to automatically update hourly to stay current with the frequent updates needed to stay on top of the virus writers.  These updates are automatically passed on to other servers and workstations in your corporate network.  Then, you can set up a web link that allows your employees to install the Sophos product on their home computers and automate regular updates as well!

Wide Range of Platforms Supported!

· Windows NT/2000/XP/2003
· Windows 95/98/Me
· NetWare
· OS/2
· Unix/Linux
· Mac OS 8.1 or greater
· Mac OS X
· OpenVMS
· DOS/Windows 3.1x

PDA Protection

The threat of viruses infecting PDAs and mobile phones has been widely hyped by some anti-virus companies. The fact is that there have never been any reports of viruses successfully infecting these kind of devices outside of laboratory conditions.

However, it is possible for PDAs to carry a virus into a company (thus avoiding any email gateway protection), and for the suspect file to be copied onto your desktop from the PDA.

Sophos Anti-Virus protects against this kind of infection through its on-access scanner, detecting any viruses transmitted when the PDA or mobile phone synchronises with the desktop PC.


Sophos also provides email anti-spam protection. For more information on anti-spam, check our anti-spam page.

Pricing and Free Trial Version

Want to learn more?  Call us for more information, price quote, and information on how you can obtain a free trial.  In most cases, we’ve found that Sophos pricing competes very well with other major brands. Our sales staff can work with you to obtain the best possible pricing.

Click on the links below to evaluate Sophos products of your choice, then give us a call for further information or a price quote.


Sophos Anti-Virus Evaluation
Comprehensive virus protection

Sophos Remote Update Evaluation
Facilitates protection of remote users


Sophos MailMonitor Evaluation
Protect email servers and gateways against viruses

Sophos PureMessage Evaluation
Protect email servers and gateways against viruses and spam


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