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Certifications from Novell

Novell offers certifications at every level of NetWare and Novell Product expertise. Your employer will appreciate your commitment to your work and skill development when you can present your certification credentials.  Many employers require that employees successfully complete certification exams for courses funded by the employer.  Ask your manager if you can qualify for additional training by developing your skills as a certified professional.  For further information on each certification, click on the page links below.  For information on training classes designed to help you successfully complete certification, call our Education Specialist at (630) 932-4585.

    CNA - Certified Novell Administrator
    This certification is typically the starting point for Novell certification candidates

    CNE - Certified Novell Engineer
    With the CNA certification as the foundation, the CNE certification expands on basic NetWare and Novell product knowledge.

    MCNE - Master Certified Novell Engineer
    With additional product and technology electives, CNEs can leverage there certification to the Master level.

    CLE - Certified Linux Engineer
    Novellís newest certification, the CLE focuses on Linux skills and delivering oneNet services to the Linux server platform.

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