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Frequently Asked Questions About Testing

What should I bring to the Test Center?

  • In general, you’ll need two forms of identification - both must contain a signature, and one must also have a current picture of yourself. Testing centers are governed by the identification requirements of the companies from which you are pursuing certification. We are required to accept only the IDs that these organizations deem appropriate. If you are under 18 years of age, you may require special identification or may need to be accompanied by a parent - please call for details before you come for your test.

What are examples of acceptable identification?

  • Drivers license, passports, signed credit cards, State Identification Cards
  • If you have questions about other ID, please give us a call

What are examples of unacceptable identification?

  • Traffic tickets, unsigned credit cards or those signed “check ID” or similar wording, library or shopping club cards
  • Social Security cards
  • Signed credit cards must be signed BEFORE you present them for testing. They will be treated as unsigned if you sign them at the test center.

May I bring my own scratch paper into the test room?

  • No, special erasable note sheets will be provided in order to protect the security of the tests
  • You must return all note sheets before receiving your score report. Failure to return notes taken during the test may result in forfeiture of your exam results

May I make notes on my note sheet before my test begins?

  • You are permitted a certain amount of time to take your exam.  You may make notes during that time, as long as you do so once you’ve started the test. You are free to make notes before beginning to answer questions on the test, but you are not permitted to extend your time in the test room by making notes outside of the allotted time. If you wish to make notes for yourself, please start the test, then make your notes and proceed to answer test questions.  Making notes before you start is a violation of Prometric, VUE, and the certifying organizations rules.

May I bring personal belongings into the test room?

  • No, for security purposes, test candidates are not permitted to bring personal belongings into the test room.
  • Purses, pagers, PDAs, and cell phones are an exception to this rule; you will be allowed to keep these items with you providing they can be secured in our locked security bags and providing that electronic devices are off or set to silent. You are not permitted direct access to any of your electronic devices during the test.
  • Laptop computers may not be brought into the test room under any circumstances, nor can large bags/purses that would create a hazard to others in the room.
  • Books, reference materials, and other personal belongings should either be locked in your car or can be left in the coat closet. Please note that we are not responsible for the care and safety of your personal belongings. With the exception on the items listed in the second bullet of this section, we recommend that you do not bring personal materials into the test center.

May I leave the test room during the test?

  • You are permitted to leave the test room for brief restroom breaks or water breaks. Candidates who leave the room frequently or for long periods of time must be reported to Prometric or VUE. Your test clock will continue to run while you are away so breaks will affect your time remaining.
  • For security purposes, you are not permitted to make or receive telephone calls during your exam; your test will be terminated if you do, and no refund will be issued. If you are ‘on call’ during your test period, you should make arrangements to be covered by someone else during that time.
  • If you are taking multiple exams in the same day, you may schedule a break between each exam. You must start your tests with sufficient time before our closing hour for the scheduled test length.

Are food or beverages permitted in the test room?

  • Regretfully, no. All testing centers are contractually bound to prohibit food and beverages from being brought to the test room. These items can distract other testers in the room, and create a less than pleasant testing environment.

What happens if I’m unavoidably detained and will arrive late?

  • It is essential that you call us before your test appointment time. We can be reached at 630-932-4585. We will do our best to accommodate you, but whether we can will depend on the test schedule for that day and when you will be able to arrive. If you miss your test, your test will be forfeited and we, unfortunately, have no control over that.

How soon will I receive my test results?

  • For most tests, you will be given a printed score result within a few minutes of completing your test.
  • “Alpha” and “Beta” exams typically do not generate immediate test results. The testing organization will send you any applicable results at a later date.

What happens after I complete my test?

  • Your test results are uploaded from Mi-Tech to VUE or PROMETRIC at the end of the day. From there, tests are processed and transmitted to your certifying organization.
  • If the test completes your requirements for certification, you will automatically receive the appropriate documents, typically via mail within 4 to 6 weeks after completing all certification requirements. If your test does not complete certification requirements, you will not usually receive any additional documentation, other than your score report.
  • To find out information about what you need to do to complete your certification, contact the organization from which you are pursuing certification. Testing Centers are not able to advise you on the specific requirements for your certification, nor discuss specifics regarding the content of your exams.

My test results are not appearing on the records of the certifying organization for which I took the exam.

  • It is rare that this would occur, but if it does, you need to contact the registration number at VUE or Prometric for the exam you took. For example, if you took a Cisco exam under the Prometric or VUE test delivery system, you should contact Cisco registration at Prometric or VUE (as appropriate) and ask that your records be checked. Mi-Tech, like other test centers, runs an automated upload process at least once a day, seven days a week. Test Centers cannot selectively upload test results - everything that’s pending will automatically be transmitted. Once the results are uploaded, the test center no longer has them locally, so the best place to begin your checking will be with test registration. Once VUE or Prometric has processed the uploads, the results are then transmitted to the certifying organization.

How can I get a receipt for my test

  • Testing centers are unable to provide you with a receipt for registrations made through VUE or Prometric directly. This is because you do not pay the center for your test. All payments are made directly to VUE or PROMETRIC. Typically, these organizations mail or email you a receipt. Many test candidates simply use their score reports as receipts for employer reimbursement purposes. However, if you require additional documentation, you’ll need to call the test registration number directly to request it.

Can I pay for my test in cash?

  • Sorry, but no. When you call to register for your test, you’ll need to provide a valid credit card number in order to pay for the test. Tests cannot be scheduled unless they are first paid for. Alternatively, you can purchase test vouchers by mail and pay be check, then later use the voucher to schedule your check.

What should I do if another candidate is causing a distraction during my test?

  • IMMEDIATELY report the problem to the Testing Center Administrator. If the distraction is not a normal part of that candidate’s test taking process, we can take steps to resolve the situation so that you can continue your test undisturbed. If you wait until you complete your test, or continue your test under adverse circumstances there is no recourse. Please be aware that some exams require typed answers and comments, and occasionally there are open book exams. Typing and mouse clicking are not considered unacceptable noise in the test room. Our test center is highly rated for maintaining a quiet, disturbance-free environment, but exceptions do occur; we can only resolve them if you let us know about them as soon as they begin!

What should I do if my test malfunctions while I’m taking it?

  • IMMEDIATELY notify the Testing Center Administrator. While not common, tests can malfunction, especially new exams with special features. If you alert the Administrator while your test is in progress, we can take appropriate corrective action so you can continue your test. If you wait until the test is completed, you may have no recourse.

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