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Linux Training at Mi-Tech!

Linux is fast becoming a serious contender in the NOS and Desktop OS arena.  Many organizations, from small to Fortune 500, are investigating or are already deploying Linux as part of their computing solution set.

Shouldn’t you and your company also be checking out the tremendous cost savings Linux can bring?  Are you concerned about what would be involved to learn another new operating system? While Linux does present some differences, users and network administrators will be able to draw on their existing skill set to quickly master and take advantage of the differences.  If you’ve supported Windows, NetWare, Unix, and even DOS systems, you’ve already gained some of the skills you’ll need for Linux.

Let Mi-Tech help you quickly learn to leverage Linux environment.  We offer courses in basic and advanced Linux administration. For those pursuing certification, you’ll be able to use your training to prepare for the LPI (Linux Professional Institute) and Linux+ certifications.

For NetWare sites or Microsoft sites that would like to deploy Linux-based services formerly available only on a NetWare server, our NV3015 course Novell Nterprise Linux Services will teach you how your company can implement services such as iFolder, iPrint, NetStorage, Samba (file sharing for Windows workstations accessing files on a Linux server), DirXML, eDirectory, and integrated user management on a Linux server.  The Linux server can be integrated with an existing NetWare eDirectory tree, or can be part of a Linux-only tree!

Our Linux courses are taught on SuSE Linux.  Suse was the first commercial Linux company in the world and has been embraced by large and small organizations in the US and abroad.  Because all Linux distributions are based on the same kernel, skills learned on any distribution, whether SuSE, RedHat, or one of the many other Linux distributions, will easily transfer to any of the other distributions.


Linux Courses

For information about the current Linux courses available at Mi-Tech, call our Training Specialists at 630-932-4585.

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