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Mi-Tech Offers Exciting
Certification Testing Options!

Your Convenience is our Goal

  • We’ve designed a test delivery environment aimed at making your testing experience as convenient and stress-free as possible.
  • Mi-Tech is recognized as one of the oldest professional test centers in the world.
  • IT tests from both Prometric and VUE testing services are available
  • Over ten years experience as a professional test center
  • Quiet, clean, efficient, and comfortable testing stations

Why Test at Mi-Tech?

  • Mi-Tech is a professional testing center. It’s an important part of what we do, and we do it right!
  • We’re frequently praised by our test candidates who tell us they prefer Mi-Tech over other centers they’ve used - many driving past several on the way, just to test at Mi-Tech! They like our friendly staff, clean test stations, and quiet environment.

Novell’s Certified Linux Engineer (CLE) Practicum Exam
and  Certified Linux Professional (CLP) Practicum Exam

  • We offer the highly acclaimed real world hands-on Certified Linux Engineer (CLE) and Certified Linux Professional (CLP) Practicum Exams from Novell.
  • Register for your exam by contacting Mi-Tech at 630-932-4585.

About Test Delivery Service Companies

There are two test delivery companies servicing the IT certification industry - VUE and Prometric. Each of these organizations contract with independent companies (primarily training centers) to provide the physical and security environment to deliver tests to certification candidates. Both organizations have the same test content, and both will transmit your test results to the organization granting your certification, where your results will be combined with other tests you have taken, regardless of whether you took them at a Vue Center, a Prometric Center, or a combination of both.

Some exams are offered exclusively by one or the other of these organizations but the majority are offered by both services. Mi-Tech is pleased to offer you the choice of which test delivery service you use, allowing you to take advantage of any personal preferences you may have.


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