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Training Services

  • Instructor-led Classroom Training
  • Custom Classes
  • Corporate and On-Site classes
  • One-on-one and Small-group Tutorials
  • Telephone-based Mentoring Services
  • Classroom Rental Available
  • Special workshops, seminars,
    and demonstration-based classes
  • On-Site Deployment Projects coupled
    with IT staff training
  • Novell training courses
  • GroupWise End-User Training
  • Linux training courses

Small Class Size

Instructors are less effective when there are too many students in a class. Each student needs an opportunity to get his or her questions answered and to receive help with difficult concepts or labs. 

At Mi-Tech, our classrooms are purposely designed to keep class size small so that each participant receives the help needed.  And, there are plenty of computers so that no one is shortchanged on the chance to personally perform hands-on labs.

About Mi-Techís Approach to IT Training

IT education is an important factor in insuring your company will successfully deploy, manage, and troubleshoot effective networking solutions.  At Mi-Tech, we know your company can expect to optimize the work of your IT staff through quality training.  Our classes are focused on gaining real skills that will prove useful time and time again.

We know that itís difficult to free up key IT staff members to attend a class, but our experience shows that without this essential training, it will take even longer to deploy new products, services, and features.  And, itís more likely that the deployment wonít happen as smoothly as it could, without this valuable training.

We work hard to make sure your training investment pays off. Our instructors are well prepared and have hands-on skills working with the products we teach. Our instructors are not ďnewbiesĒ; rather, they bring years of experience to the classroom.

Mi-Tech is proud to have on its teaching staff Novellís award-winning Most Novell Certified Person in the world, as well as the 2002 Novell Master CNI of the Year.  Our courses are hands-on and designed to maximize each studentís time working directly with servers and workstations. 

We recognize that some participants will be planning to complete certification exams for the courses attended. Our focus is on skill development and clear understanding of the products taught in class. 

While we do help students understand how to prepare for and take the exam, our philosophy is to emphasize skills and knowledge, not test taking and memorization. An individual who understands and can comfortably work with the products is more likely to succeed not only on the exam, but more importantly, on the job.  After all, isnít that the real reason why your company is providing training opportunities?


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